What to Look for in Quality Antenna Installers

What to Look for in Quality Antenna Installers

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When getting a new antenna installed in your home, or upgrading an existing antenna, you want to make sure that you are entrusting the job to the right people. This will certainly help you get the right equipment installed in the right place and will usually save you money and stress in the process. You may think that this should be a rather simple procedure, but there are certain things you will want to make sure the company you are choosing provides. Here are some things to look for in a quality antenna installation company to make the process go as smoothly as possible.


Free Inspection and Quote

When looking at potential companies to install a new antenna for your home, or upgrade your current antenna for the reception of digital signals, be sure that they will come to your home and inspect the work to be done free of charge. The price quote for installation process should also be free. Companies that charge for these services should be avoided, because if they are charging you for just looking at your home and providing a quote, they may charge you for other minor services, as well.



Communication is perhaps one of the more important qualities any good antenna installation in Sydney, or anywhere else, should provide. A detailed discussion should take place in order to ensure that the antenna is installed where you want it and also where all the cables should go. You certainly don’t want the antenna to be positioned in an area where the signal is bad, or have the cables going to the wrong rooms, or unnecessarily placed. A good antenna installation company should communicate the various heights, locations, and cable concealment options that fit your home the best. This is also true of any potential signal amplifiers, cable splitters, and wall plates that may need to be installed. Again, you want to avoid having to run long cables around a room in your home because the technician put the wall plate in the wrong spot. These mistakes will also cause unnecessary holes in your home’s walls and floors.


Making Sure the Signal and Channels Work

After the installation is complete the technician should thoroughly check the signal being received by the antenna and make sure all of the channels work properly. This may seem obvious, but some antenna installation companies will not do this check as completely as they should. This can cause channels to lose signals frequently because they either weren’t checked properly, or not for a long enough period of time. Not only should technicians make sure every channel comes in clearly, but they should watch for a few minutes to make sure the signal remains constant and working for more than just a few seconds at a time. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes and can be quite frustrating, especially when your favourite TV show or sporting event can’t be watched for more than a few minutes without losing the signal.


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