Top Successful African-American Business Leaders

Top Successful African-American Business Leaders

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There are so many successful African-American business leaders that managed to become incredibly successful. What is really interesting is that wealth was acquired in so many different ways. We can easily create a very long list that you can relate to. If you want to see some people that were incredibly successful from this ethnic group, look below.


Oprah was for years the most beloved of all the talk-show hosts in the USA. Besides this, she is an actress, a magazine owner, a philanthropist, a lifestyle guru, a producer, a president picker and so much more. Oprah was basically raised in poverty and eventually she reached the level she is at, one of the most successful business women in the world. The markets are automatically moved whenever something happens to Oprah and when she endorses something, that product is going to sell really well.

Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips is one of the most well-known businessmen in the world at the moment, a successful CEO that is going to keep influencing the entire cloud industry. Phillips’ affairs as CEO of Infor basically sky-rocketed him to huge market power. Ever since he was the CEO of Oracle he started to change the way in which business was made. Then, as CEO of Infor, he managed to start a highly aggressive acquisition strategy that led the company towards number 3 on the ERP market, all in a very short period of time. His business knowledge stands out as being among the highest, mainly because of the understanding of the company’s customers.

Kenneth Frazier

Kenneth Frazier is now the CEo of Merck & Co. Inc. He is actually the very first African-American pharmaceutical company CEO. He is also the second of the lawyers that eventually became a CEO involved with a big pharma company. Frazier stood out as being an innovation champion and a pro bon lawyer that helped release many different men wrongfully accused of something they did not do. Kenneth Frazier ended up being among the successful businessmen thanks to his hard work and his dedication.

Ursula Burns

All the African-American women have problems. They need to work a lot harder than the men in order to be successful in business. This is a hard truth that needs to be solved in the future. Burns is a first generation citizen that was raised through the NYC housing projects. In the year 2009 she made history when she became the CEO of XEROX. Now Ursula Burns is seen as one of the most powerful women in the world, a person that is definitely not a stranger to success.

Russell Simmons

Last but not least, Russell Simmons is renowned as a rapper and as a hip-hop producer. He is the person responsible for superstars like LL Cool J, Will Smith and even the Beastie Boys. As time passed, he moved away from hip hop and became a really successful entrepreneur. His work as CEO of different companies is renowned and after funding Def Jam records, most of the records he produced became a huge success.

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