The Art of Creating Time

The Art of Creating Time

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So you’re a college student with no time? As a college student myself, I know life can get extremely busy in a hurry. Time can be hard to find especially as homework piles up, work hours get longer and social endeavours become futile. You start removing the extracurricular activities from your life, such as the ping pong club and your morale begins to fade into nothing but a wisp of stale air. If you think it’s too hard for you to find the time to do the things you need to do or even want to, then pay attention. Cutting Corners 101 is in session.

The first lesson in finding time is realizing that finding time isn’t going to happen. No matter what you do there will only be 24 hours in a day. You have to create time. The first point in this lesson deals with subtraction. You create time by subtracting trivial things from your life that either do not matter or slow you down. Point number two involves addition. Add things into your life that make things easier. I like to think positive and look at the glass half full so today we are going to focus on things you can add into your life that will, if done right, create time.

  1. Add a little size to your essay

This is probably a tip better suited to all of you freshmen out there. For those sophomores, juniors, or even seniors out there who don’t know about this little lifesaving cutting corner gem, I’m sorry you’re late to the party. For those of you who know, I applaud your excellence. Anyway, back to the lesson. Next time you are stuck writing a paper and you just can’t get to the two page required essay length. Use this formula.

Control + H

Replace (.) with (. with a one size font increase)

Select Replace All

This will increase the size of your periods by just enough and results in an increase of your paper’s length. Some teachers have caught onto this and will punish you severely. Not really, but it is always worth a try when you are experiencing heavy writer’s block.

  1. Add this to your tech arsenal

            So your social life is dwindling. Your Tinder game is strong but could be stronger. You have followers on instagram but in reality you have none. You thought you were the life of the party. Kickstart your ego and boost your rankings by having the latest corner cutting tech available! Need an awesome venue for you and your entourage? will get you there in a jiffy. Need to show your roommate that you have first strike capability and you mean it? Clash of Clans is the app you need. If you want a coupon for that haricut you definitely needed 2 months ago, is your frenemy. You gain points toward coupons for not using your phone. A blessing and a curse.

  1. Just add water

            Just add water recipes are my favorite for a quick refuel between class or work. Here are two of my favorite just add water recipes!

            Cup O’ Noodles

            -Add Water

            Ramen Noodles

            -Add Water

            When you are feeling a little adventurous and want something a little more sophisticated I have added one last recipe that is sure to make your taste buds happy! This recipe is from my “Just Add Milk” collection.


            -Add Milk

            Cutting corners isn’t about cheating or even short changing yourself. It’s all about freeing up your schedule and time is your greatest ally. So next time your poem is too short, be dramatic. Make a pause. Use a period. And the next time your Tinder date has no idea what to do, let TapYellow guide you. Lastly, when you are hungry and have eaten nothing but Tootsie Rolls for days, whip out the old recipe book and make a real meal.


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