Quality Gorilla Posts For Smooth Traffic Flow

Quality Gorilla Posts For Smooth Traffic Flow

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Gorilla Posts are magnetic posts that serve temporary signage and traffic needs. These are lightweight posts which are made by using rare earth neodymium magnets to fasten over the bolted or epoxied metal base plates having a magnitude pull of 380 psi. These temporary posts allow you to deploy them at the same position every time.

These are lightweight and get installed quickly at a place very easily. The portable Gorilla Post system is easy to implement as well as to maintain. The Gorilla Post system brought a revolution in the parking industry by the use of neodymium magnets that locks the rugged delineators, bollards, signposts at a specific position. These industrial levelled strength magnets are lifted using ergonomic tool so that a quick and temporary removal of these impact resistant signposts, bollards and delineators is done. The systems have a base plate that is ADA compliant.

Smooth Traffic Flow

With the course of time, the customers have implemented these posts into additional applications as strong and pedestrian friendly systems at several places like the loading docks, warehouses, sports venues, factory floors, amusement parks, neighborhood events, airports, multi-space parking, car races, schools and many other places.

The portable Gorilla Post system is simple to implement and maintain. The system has proven its durability in hundreds of locations from arid desert summers to stormy coastlines to upper Midwest winters.

The Gorilla Posts serve for various purposes such as:

  • To form curbside baggage check point queues
  • To create check-out and return item queues
  • Reserving parking spaces for dry cleaning customers
  • Curbside valet parking stations
  • Denoting parking spaces for VIP guests
  • Temporary overflow extensions to permanent pedestrian queues at theme parks and concert arenas
  • Adding visibility for drivers when approaching hazards or expensive gate arms inside parking facilities
  • Providing drivers at parking facilities increased awareness of two-way traffic ahead and pedestrian crossings
  • Where temporary signs need to be placed on sidewalks outside of businesses
  • A tailor made Gorilla Post helps in the prevention of vehicle collision at several places

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