Protect Your Data and Services

Protect Your Data and Services

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In this modern digital age, it is essential that you keep your electronic data properly secured and accessible at all times to those who need it. If you own a company or are an individual with a large amount of data that need to be administered, then you should consider hiring a company that provides server space that is secure and is dedicated to your needs. When someone else manages your data server, you will have the advantages of stability and security without the need to personally manage and perform maintenance as you go, giving you maximum convenience.


Dedicated Server Benefits

Hosting a website or storing large amounts of data is something that requires a lot of space, whether it is for people to download or whether it’s for some other pursuit, such as backing up important files or even scientific research. Not only do you need a large amount of space to store these files, but you also need to be able to quickly access them whenever you want and from wherever you are using the Internet. You will not be able to use an external hard drive for this purpose, because there the data would not be accessible online. Thus, a dedicated server that is always available to you is the clear way to go.


When you get space for your storage needs on a dedicated server that is managed by another group, you will not need to worry about buying a server for yourself or hiring IT professionals to keep it running properly. This is because the company that you hire will handle all of the server maintenance, so that all you will need to worry about is getting the data and website information that you want online where you can easily find it.


There are lots of advantages to a managed dedicated server that you may also not get by keeping your own server. For example, there is a common trend these days of damaging websites through something known as a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS for short). A DDoS attack works by having thousands or millions of computers attempt to access or repeatedly refresh your website. This causes the server to overload because it exceeds the bandwidth capacity of the server, resulting in your webpage being inaccessible to people who want to use it for regular means. These malicious attacks can be mitigated with great server software found on managed servers, which detect and prevent unusual fluctuations in data traffic to keep your web content safe.

Protect Your Web Content

By keeping your website safe from DDoS attacks, you will not need to worry nearly as much about cyber security or about being targeted by malicious hackers or groups of individuals who want to extort something from your company. In addition to keeping out unwanted people, these managed servers will make it easy for people who belong on your website to access it, thanks to large amounts of available bandwidth in the area of 1 gigabyte per second. With these high speeds, people can quickly reach and browse your sites, and any downloads that you have can proceed at lightning speeds.


These managed servers will also build in many other security features that will help ensure that your data is always there for you to access when you need it. For example, they can build redundancies into the software that will ensure that the data is stored in multiple locations. This way, if there is an issue with one server or part of a server, the data will be backed up elsewhere. This will allow for rapid recovery from data loss, and will prevent you from ever having the catastrophic loss of significant quantities of information. This protection is absolutely essential for running a great website or storing data on the Internet, because without it, you could quickly and suddenly lose your customers, your money or your important data without warning.

To properly maintain a dedicated server, you should only hire a company that you know that you can trust. CWCS provide managed dedicated servers that will meet all of these security needs, and they have the expert employees that you want to feel safe and secure.

Experienced IT Employees

When you are putting your data into the hands of another company to manage, you need to know that it will be protected at all times. In addition to all of the listed security features of managed servers, you will feel confident because these companies have well-trained and professional IT professionals who can handle all of your server questions and can manage and maintain your server use with minimal effort on your end. If you have any concerns or questions, they will never be more than a phone call or an email away, so that you will know your data is ready to access at a moment’s notice and that you have a plan to restore it if there were ever to be an unexpected issue.


These IT professionals are well trained in managing server data and maintaining the server in proper working order. They are well versed in both Windows and Linux operating systems, which will ensure that they are able to properly interface with your data so that it will be displayed in exactly the way you would like it to be. Because their employees are so well trained, you will also be guaranteed to have a pleasant experience when you interact with them, thanks to their positive attitudes and upbeat tone.

Experienced IT Employees

Do not let your data hang in limbo on the Internet or on your own personal server that could break down at any time. Host your site or data on a dedicated managed server that will remain secure and online at all times. With DDoS prevention, redundancies and professional employees, these dedicated servers are the smart choice for your web presence. Best of all, they come at an affordable price, ensuring that you will stay in business and that your business will only increase with time.

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