Getting Your ITIL Certification Online

Getting Your ITIL Certification Online

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At one time, career advancement meant that, no matter your field, your education and certification would be comprised of a seemingly-endless series of early mornings and re-schedulings. If you were training for a new career while still working a day job, you’d have to take time off of work, and face a smaller paycheck in your hopes of, eventually, earning a bigger one. Thankfully, times have changed.

This may not apply to all skill sets, but it at least applies to the majority of those revolving around computers: It has never been easier to learn from home, train from home, and even get certified from home. Attaining ITIL certification online means being able to take that next step on your career path without compromising the one you’re already standing on. You can study and train on your own time, and you can even wait until you’re ready in order to be tested and earn your certification.

Do You Need Certification?

ITIL is a complex, sophisticated application, it’s not a piece of software that very many people can figure out by fiddling around with it for an afternoon. Education and certification can certainly help, but tech is generally not a heavily-regulated field in the same way that, say, medicine, alcohol and automotive are regulated. You don’t need certification to be allowed to take on a job where you will be using ITIL, it’s not required, but it is enormously helpful, and your chances of finding such a position without the document are slim.

Is Attaining ITIL Certification Online A Legitimate Choice?

When seeking training and certification in any field, the burden is on your shoulders to research the schools you’re looking at, to find out whether or not they’re actually turning out knowledgeable professionals, or just passing people through in order to make a quick buck. In any field, you are going to find that job training resources vary greatly whether you’re looking at online or brick-and-mortar establishments. Online training and certification is absolutely a legitimate choice if you’re looking at a technology career.

Is Online Learning Right For Me?

We all have our own ways of learning. For some, learning in a classroom environment may turn out to be far more effective. With many professionals in the technology field, you will find that they are quite comfortable studying in private for however many hours it takes, developing their abilities on their own time.

In short: No employer is going to look at your resume, see that you attained ITIL certification online, and turn you away. Attaining certification online is the same as attending a night school course in person, except that it won’t have you sleeping in the next day.

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