Do It Yourself Tips – Kinds of Counter tops

Do It Yourself Tips – Kinds of Counter tops

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It was once that laminate was virtually your main option for kitchen counter tops. Individuals days are fortunately lengthy gone however a house owner is confronted with a number of options and number of prices readily available for your kitchen area restoration.

A few of the popular options include:

Porcelain Tile

This continues to be a well known and economical alternative that’s warmth and scratch resistant. It’s high maintenance though since it must have it’s grout sealed regularly to prevent discoloration.


This can be a incredibly versatile surface that may be textured and detailed with designs unlike every other surface. Yet it’s very porous and must be regularly sealed to prevent stains.

Designed Stone

The product consists of a quarta movement composite with colored pebbles or various materials giving its number of colors. Texture is generally even and also the colors could be produced over bigger areas. It as being very durable product which can resist warmth and stain.


Granite is really a gemstone. It comes down from various regions around the globe and may vary broadly colored and pattern. It must be seamed and needs period sealing to prevent stains. It can’t tolerate high warmth from hot pans.


Laminate is available in a number of colors however is not made to be lengthy lasting. Even though it is sort of stain resistant it’ll scratch easily. It will likewise burn easily from hot pans.


This really is another gemstone that’s porous and stains easily. It should be sealed every 2 to 5 years. They’re also easily scratched and can’t take high warmth from hot pans.


This can be a third gemstone that’s less porous and does not require sealing but can be simply scratched


This can be a extremely popular product due to the sleek modern look it conveys. It’s very durable and resists discoloration. Frequently occasions the top is blown to cover any scratches.


Various hardwood floors can be used as counter tops. It will need regular sealing to prevent becoming dry and it is prone to burns from hot pans.

These are the benefits and drawbacks from the popular kinds of counter tops. Choose your counter top carefully based on your usage and requires.

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