Best Gaming Phones

Best Gaming Phones

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A run down of the top smartphones for gaming enthusiasts including the firm favourite Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone along with options form HTC, Nexus and Motorola.

Choose the best smartphone for when you want to enjoy ultimate gaming

For many, gaming is a key reason to own a smartphone. From those occasionally playing a little solitaire or Angry Birds when idling away a few minutes to the more serious and committed game player, gaming is huge and becoming more so as smartphones become ever more powerful with larger, crisper and more colourful screens.

If you’re into gaming, what are the pick of the phones?

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy phones of recent years have been consistently lauded by serious gamers as the best phones for game play. A top notch screen is a huge consideration for gaming enthusiasts, and Samsung smartphones have offered state of the art screen technology for some time.

Generous on board storage with the facility to add more with memory cards means a good stock of games can be stored at all times, and the software has many settings to enable you to optimise the phone for gaming if you desire.

The S7 gives way to the new S8 which promises to be even more the gamer’s best friend.

If the S7 is out of reach, don’t forget the option to buy used Android phones which will still be powerful enough to run many games.

HTC 10

A very stylish phone available in three finishes and ergonomically well designed, the H10 is considered one of the very best smartphones for responsiveness. As soon as a command is inputted to the phone, its response is lightning quick which matters hugely for many if not most games.

The H10 has a powerful Snapdragon 2.2 GHz processor at its heart, offers possible class leading sound quality with its integrated speakers, and with its stylish unibody design makes for a very pleasant piece of kit to own.

Motorola Moto Z Play

The Moto Z Play is presently the king of battery life which is very important to gamers. There’s nothing worse than a critical point in a game being marred by low battery warnings, so the Moto Z Play with its modular design has the answer with a big 3,510 mAh battery that can be augmented with a 2,260 mAh power pack.

When it’s time to recharge the battery, some nine hours of charge can be given in just fifteen minutes with the TurboPower wall charger.

The processor is designed with energy efficiency in mind, and the screen saves on power by giving lower resolutions than other smartphones. Colour quality is still good as are viewing angles, so your gaming experience won’t suffer unduly.

Nexus 6P

Being Google’s own phone it’s not surprising the Nexus works perfectly with the company’s Android mobile operating system. While some smartphones may incorporate their maker’s ‘take’ on the Android platform, such as Samsung’s TouchWiz setup, Nexus users get it in pure and unadulterated form.

The Nexus has a sumptuous 5.7 size screen providing pin-sharp quality for enjoyable game playing, and backs this up with a powerful Snapdragon processor and a generous 3GB of RAM for smooth operation.

It’s usually available at a lower price point than the Samsung equivalent so keeps some money in the kitty for more games.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

For gamers the larger screened iPhone 7 Plus – 5 inch compared to 4.7 for the standard iPhone 7 – is the usual choice (or its predecessor the 6S Plus if you’re looking to save some money).

In terms of power, the iPhones A10 Fusion chip may seem less potent than the Snapdragon types usually powering the Android offerings, but teamed with Apple’s own iOS platform it provides a very fast operating system and thus gaming experience.

There’s no option to add storage with memory cards but the top line iPhone Plus includes a mammoth 256GB of memory so room for plenty of games.

Ease the strain on your wallet

Of course, new smartphones aren’t cheap and maybe you’re not spending enough per month to get one heavily subsided by your network provider.

If so, don’t forget the used and refurbished option; last year’s smartphone will likely still be powerful and big screened enough to offer a satisfying gaming experience, and you can still benefit from a warranty and a refund or exchange if you’re not fully satisfied with your next smartphone.