13 Astonishing Advantages of Personal Branding

13 Astonishing Advantages of Personal Branding

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Do you consider personal branding as something new in the marketing world? Well, there is nothing new about this  buzzword- personal branding. It is just an oldmarketing tactic for promoting a business. So, why is there so much chaos around it?

Personal Branding

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Personal branding can be a chaotic puzzle for many of the marketers outside. The reason being – it is a bit difficult to look at your own assets objectively.

What is Personal Branding?

Did you ever realize that branding actually started ruling your brain at a very tenderage.Yes, whether it was Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, branding had started being on our minds since we were kids.

What is Personal Branding

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The big “Loving It” sign somehow connects you to a big meal of cheesy burgers and crispy French fries. This is what branding is- seeing just a logo, you can imagine a product.

crispy French fries

Whether it is a food article or a digital marketing product, branding plays the key role in ensuring its success.

So, that was that about branding, but how do you relate this to personal branding? Till now, people were conscious about branding only, but now, the times have come when you bring your self-image ahead.

You are the most important product of your own established business and this is what personal branding focuses on. It will allow you to live authentically in the market, as you can’t afford to fake your way while trying to build a brand image.

For an example, if you search “Who is Rafi Chowdhury?”, this is what you will get:

o is Rafi Chowdhury

Eventually, personal branding is the authentic representation of who you are and it is necessary to start self-branding before you plan for the promotion of your company image.

So, it is high time and you should start thinking of yourself as a brand.

Why is Personal Branding So Important?

The hike in the number of internet users has led to increased blogging, search engine optimization, and social media. This,in particular,results in the transparency of an online business. Most users look for brand recognition before planning to buy a product.

Branding So Important

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To be more precise with the idea of personal branding, here we have some amazingly revealing statiscs of the current market.

  • It takes 5 to 7 impressions to remember a brand.
  • More than 85% of the customers start off the buying process with a referral.
  • 77% of the customersare willing to buy froma brand only when one of their relatives justify that brand.
  • 56% of the sales cycle is spent on searching and engaging with content.
  • 56% of the employees say that they won’t work for a company that bans social media usage.

Moving ahead, here, we have some top personal branding success examples.

How to Move Ahead with Personal Branding?

Creating a personal brand starts at the same time you develop a vision for your products. It is everything, including employees, tone, emotion, reputation, name, and design.

How to Move Ahead

Before you start with the process, answer these questions:

  • How do you wish to associate with people?
  • Which subject matter do you want to go for?
  • What field’s expert do you want to count yourself as?

These are the times of a well-established digital footprint and so, the loyalty of the customers can be easily gained via personal branding. Whether you are working with an organization or leading one, in both the cases, personal branding will yield a tremendous ROI.

So, How Do You Plan to Move with Personal Branding?

Move with Personal Branding

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Here we have a list of to-do’s for establishing a strong brand image:

  • Start thinking of yourself as a brand.
  • Audit your online presence.
  • Secure a personal website.
  • Develop a stunning social media profile.
  • Become a blogger.
  • Create an astounding style statement.
  • Leverage reputation tracking tools.
  • Last but not the least, maintain the transparency of goal.

Leveraging the above given tips, you can swiftly move ahead with the ideology of personal branding.

This is how I manage to stay in contact with my audience and social media platform is often a great help.

I manage to stay in contact

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However, before you start planning with these tips, we want you to have a glimpse at the long-term benefits of personal branding.

Enticing Benefits of Personal Branding

Personal branding is not just about winning against your competitors; it is more about being the only solution that customers go for. Whether we look at it from a business perspective or a self-improvement essential, personal branding is effective in the both the cases. It is more of a way to decide who you are  and which way you want to head towards.

Counting on the benefits of Personal Branding, we have enlisted some of the major benefits of personalbranding:

  1. A Better Understanding of Yourself

Remember that the first step towards building a brand reputation is discovering the greatest qualities hidden inside you. This approach is essential for understanding yourself in a better way.

It is said that the work driven by passion never fails and that is what personal branding teaches you. If you are dealing with a niche that you are passionate about, the chances of growth and success increases dramatically.

branding teaches you

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As said in the above lines, personal branding is more about authentication and reality, the brand generators are somehow forced to go for only that niche at which they are expert.

So, if you are still unaware of your passion, move ahead with personal branding  and gain a better understanding of yourself.

  1. Boost Up the Confidence

The surge in confidence is guaranteed as you step in creating a personal brand image. When you realize that you have some valuable possession, the feeling of pride automatically comes along.

Here’s an example:

Boost Up the Confidence

If you follow personal branding strategies with your best attitude,  at one point you will get to recognize  your inner strength. As an added bonus, you will also dig up your weaknesses and that will cause the strengthening of the skills.

Ultimately, there will be a spot where you will look towards eliminating all the weaknesses. At that similar point, there won’t be any hurdle in your way and you will move ahead with flying colors.

  1. Unmask Your Specialty

When your customers ask you – What you are best at? What will be your answer?

Ofcourse, you can’tsay that you can move on with every task. This is a kind of fake and unreal attitude that will not gain any loyalty oradmiration. There are certain questions that you need to answer to yourself first:

  • What you are best at?
  • Which is your area of excellence?
  • Which segment you can focus on?

Are you wondering how to optimize the answersto these questions?

Your work and life experience will act as the pillar to these questions. Based on your personal experience, find out your niche of work and move ahead with it accordingly.

When your customers perceive you as an expert in a certain field, they will seek you out actively. This will result in dramatic growth process and will also make the process easier.

make the process easier

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  1. Build Your Brand Fidelity

Creating a personal brand image will also help you in the business branding. A brand is often connected with the comfort and nostalgia and once you succeed with it, there won’t be any trouble in moving ahead.

A better way to understand this is – how do you feel while opening a bottle of coke? That sizzling sound is soothing and brings the feeling of belongingness.

Another quick example of branding is – when you buy an iPhone, there is hardly any doubt in your mind. Even when you spend a huge amount, the feeling of ease and luxury propels you to go for it.

Eventually, when your personal brand name and company brand will combine, it will shower marvelous outputs.

shower marvelous outputs

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  1. Maintains Your Focus

Personal branding empowers your focusing ability. Once you recognize your abilities, it gets easier to focus and define your goal.

Maintains Your Focus

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The objectivity of the life gets narrowed and you can focus only on those parts that is very essential for your schedules. On a whole, it encourages you to manage your time effectively and offers the chance to be a better person.

With a better focus and improved abilities, you can interact with your audience in a better way. So, in both the cases, things are going to be in your favor.

  1. Brings the Sense of Uniqueness

Uniqueness is crucial when we are talking about personal branding. Assume that your brand appearance is same as that of the existing competitors. Why will the customers go for you?

the Sense of Uniqueness

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If your customers don’t find anything special about your way of representation, they might pass by you in one glimpse.

Achieve that X-factor to gain the attention of the customers. Depict the specialty of your personality and win the thorough support of your customers.

Differentiating yourself from the existing crowd creates better visibility and offersa spotlight to your every little action. It is more like a stage-light that follows your every little movement.

  1. Boost Lead Generation

Customers fall for the real person. And, if you stand with that pretty image of the real person who excels in his niche, things can get rather easy.

Increased faith and loyalty will boost the website traffic and you can notice amplified leads.

Lead Generation

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There is a saying – “Quality is the best business plan”.

Let’s take an example: If you are a digital marketer who excels in lead generation. You will have to go to Facebook chats, online video posting and presentation to ensure your capability to excel in a certain field. Once you start with a regular interaction with the customers, you will soon gain an improvised business.

If people know that they cannot avail a better service than yours, they will pay whatever you ask for. The personal image and the quality of the work will matter the most and you will notice a sudden boost in product demand.

  1. Customer Retention

Whether you are in a food business or digital marketing business, your key to maintain a balance should be the customer retention technique.

Rather than overloading yourself with unmanageable clients, focus on the customer retention.

food business or digital

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Personal branding will help you do exactly the same. We have discussed above that clients develop a great bonding with you if you connect with them in a right manner. It is not necessary that you convey the message to the entire world. But, whatever portion you target should be done in a way that you create a true emotional bond with them.

As long you stay consistent with your services, they will continue doing a business with you and this is what personal branding aims at.

  1. Improved Leadership Quality

Attaining the expertise in your niches and killing all the drawbacks will surely enhance your leadership quality.

Leadership Quality

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In the process of personal branding,you also have to ensure that you leave a never-ending impression on your clients. The whole process will include uniqueness, goal determination, management, and communication.

Over time, you will gain credibility, admiration, and even respect, and that will make you a successful leader. Altogether, you will get to learn a lot of things in the way of a personal brand building.

  • A Road Map to Success

Your personal brand will act as a guiding light for success. The personal brand plan and the objective you set will take you towards the motive of your real business.

Map to Success

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Even the communication that you move ahead with will impart quite somethought in the branding process. Impressed with what you did during the process of personal branding, your customers will recommend you further to their acquaintances.

Eventually, you will come across more referrals. And increased referrals, of course,represent the popularity of your business.

  • Create Consistency

Creating a personal brand, you set your goals and limits in advance. That means, there will be a defined path to walk on.

Creating a personal brand

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This will enable you to filter the “perfect” and “not so perfect” opportunities. A clear idea of what you want and how you want to represent yourself will permit you to create consistency in the services.

  • Improved Commitment

Once you get into creating a personal brand image, you are more attentive, focused, and committed and that creates a healthy base for the future workplace.

On one side, where you improve your capability and attention, on the other, you will also conquer the commitment of those whom you work for.

personal brand image

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It is more like nurturing a seed to turn it into a green plant. You might not notice the attachment, but with time you get used to your famous brand image.

Your obsession with it will continually increase and you will be more focused in order to maintain your reputation.

  1. A Better You

For a moment, let’s keep the leads and money on a secondary level. So, what will you achieve?  A better you, indeed.

Yes, if you go right with the creation of the personal brand, you will get the chance to meet the better you. Someone, who is capable of tackling high-end customer issues with diligence.

keep the leads

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You will be seen as an example of the particular niche and will be established as a go-to person in that specific field.

Altogether, you will be a humble and passionate person who can easily take care of all the hassles.

The Bottom Line

Before starting with branding, you have to gain that requisite recognition for your name. You have to establish yourself as an expert of that particular niche. Mainly, it is about authentication of your personality. So, go ahead, talk to your customers, represent your objectivity, and start leveraging the tactics that can simplify the perplexity of branding.

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