Why Is Timing Vital For A Successful Leader?

Why Is Timing Vital For A Successful Leader?

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 In a modern working environment it is vital to be able to lead a team in order to make the company successful. Success or failure is nowadays proportional to the skills that the leaders have. Charles Phillips is CEO of Infor, a clear example of a successful leader. He often highlights how important it is to keep working on yourself with the goal of being a better leader. Many things have to be taken into account and learned. It should come as no surprise to notice dozens of different books that are written about this subject and that sell so well.

Out of all the different abilities that the successful leader needs to have, the ability to properly time a decision or take a specific action is what we are going to discuss. This is because it is one thing that few people are aware of. You need to always time everything properly as a leader.

The effective leader is the person that knows what to do and when to do it. It is important to discern action time and when it is important to simply hold back. Keep in mind that most of the employees that question the skills of the leader will do so because of improper timing in decisions made, not because of the educational background, as so many believe at the moment. Leaders have to make decisions in time and they have to be the good ones. When the timing is wrong, the company can end up with various problems, including the following:

  • The company or the team will be faced with irreparable damage because of wrong decisions taken at the wrong time.
  • Leaders are faced with a strong resistance coming from team members because of what was done, even if the move was correct when timing was bad.
  • When an inappropriate action is done but it is the right time, leaders end up making more mistakes in the future. Members end up questioning judgment ability.

Goals and objectives are a lot easier to accomplish when the leaders are going to determine the right time to perform the right actions. You simply cannot have one without the other.

Why Do Timing Mistakes Appear?

There are so many reasons that can be highlighted. However, in most cases we see 3 situations that appear when timing is improperly chosen. These are:

  • The leader does not properly understand what the team or organization is faced with and does not have the resources available to realize what actually happens.
  • Leaders do not have enough knowledge to gain the wisdom and knowledge necessary to time actions and decisions in a proper way.
  • Leaders lack the necessary confidence to make the difficult decisions that will affect business and team operations.

On the whole, it is vital that timing is always taken into account by the person in charge for basically all decisions made. Always be sure that you learn as much as you can about this topic in order to become a highly successful and effective leader.

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