Understanding How the E-Cigarette Works

Understanding How the E-Cigarette Works

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The electronic cigarette was introduced back in 2004. During the first few years, the electronic cigarette received a lukewarm reception. It was touted by many as a poor alternative to conventional smokes, and most people thought that these electronic cigarettes would soon die out. However, by using a combination of marketing techniques and timely promotional campaigns, electronic cigarettes soon spread all over the globe. In less than a decade, the electronic cigarette has become a worldwide phenomenon. Today, there are thousands of companies that manufacture electronic cigarettes and components. Many super stores also sell artisan vapour supplies and other products for those who want to customise their vaping experience.

The Components

The electronic cigarette consists of several different components that are all connected. The conventional electronic cigarette contains a battery, a cartomiser, an atomiser or a clearomiser (based on the model), and a coil component. Putting together the electronic cigarette isn’t difficult at all; you just have to tighten and screw the battery into the container that holds the e-liquid. The good thing about using an e-cigarette is that you can customise it however you see fit. There are plenty of different types of e-liquids that you can buy to complement your smoking experience. For instance, you can purchase e-liquid in Australia from a host of different online stores. There are several local brick and mortar stores that specialise in selling e-liquids and other components that can be used with electronic cigarettes.

The Functionality

Once you connect all the pieces together, the only thing left is to actually start vaping. There’s a sensor installed in the battery, which detects every time you puff on the device. As soon as the sensor is triggered, the battery will send a charge to the heating coil. The heating coil will vaporise the liquid in the container and the vapour will be inhaled by the user. It’s a pretty simple process. You can also use a more powerful heating coil or even switch out different components to get a better taste.


Compared to ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes provide a host of different benefits. First of all, they don’t contain any traces of tobacco, so you don’t need to worry about tarring your lungs. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes don’t’ release any sort of smoke either. This means that you can vape in public places without having to worry about other people being affected by the smoke.

If you are a chain smoker (a person who smokes a pack a day), switching over to electronic cigarettes can also help you save a great deal of money. A conventional electronic cigarette will last you for at least fifteen days. Afterwards, you can just switch out the e-liquid or purchase another cartomiser to use with the cigarette. You don’t even need to go out of your house to place an order, as many companies now sell their products online. You can easily place an order online and have the e-cigarette components delivered straight to your doorstep within a few days.

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