Turn old videos into modern DVD with Movavi Video Suite

Turn old videos into modern DVD with Movavi Video Suite

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Are you planning to show your wedding video from the 70s to your grandchildren? Well, in that case it’s better to convert those videos into DVD files so that the next generation can easily catch them on their desktop or laptop. The good thing is that you won’t require any exclusive converter for that today as was the case previously. Top software development company Movavi has come up with Movavi Video Suite which can easily convert our old videos into modern DVDs in just a few clicks. This vhs to dvd converter is extremely easy to use.

Let’s see how easily you can convert VHS files into DVD with the Movavi Video Suite.

Things you would need:

  • Movavi Video Suite- you have to download & install it in your PC.
  • TV tuner/USB device
  • VHS player
  • Cables for connecting all these to PC

Step 1

As you install the Video Suite, go to Video tab. Select the section stating Capture from cameras, VHS, TV. It will instantly launch the needed module to capture files from the old video cassettes, camcorders, webcams & other devices.

Step 2

Then connect VHS player to TV tuner with video & audio cables. Next, connect TV Tuner with PC. If the user is using a USB device, he will have to plug it in USB port

Step 3

Now, you have to set capture parameters on the program window. Go to-

  • Video Capture Device to select TV Tuner
  • Audio Capture Device to select sound card
  • Save files to for selecting folder for output video.

Then, you will move to Start Capture & click on it. Next, you would have to play your film tape in VHS player. After the tape completes playing, click on Stop Capture. If you wish to view your file, just click on View Saved files.

Step 4

You can edit the video if you want. Movavi Video Suite comes with Video Editor program for easy editing tasks. Go to Edit Video, move to Add Media Files & select the recorded video. After that, you can perform the necessary editing tasks as per your needs.

Step 5

Save the video by clicking on Save as.

Important features of Movavi Video Suite

Ability to edit

Movavi Video Suite is able to perform a number of editing tasks with its Video Editor function. These include improvement of video quality, crop, split, addition or rotation of files, addition of new soundtrack, addition of special effects, transitions, text and so on.

Ability to convert

Movavi Video Suite can even convert your video into any popular video format. It is also compatible with mobile devices so that you can convert your file into mobile-friendly format.

Useful tips

Users can even convert the old video into CD with Movavi Video Suite. They would only need to install disc-burning app from the Suite from Burn disc option on Data tab.

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