Trends That Will Impact IT Workforce Management

Trends That Will Impact IT Workforce Management

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There are a number of emerging trends that will greatly impact IT workforce management as well as IT hiring throughout the remainder of 2016 and the first half of next year. Below, we take a look at these trends and changes to identify their impact on the IT field from the perspective of employers as well as IT personnel.

New Overtime Rules

The Department of Labor’s alterations to overtime rules kick in on December 1, 2016. IT employees who are salaried and work beyond 40 hours per week must be compensated with overtime pay if their annual salary is $47,500 or less per year. This alteration complicates IT workforce management as it is just about double the rule’s existing threshold of $23,660. Employers will be forced to pay their salaried IT staff time-and-a-half if they fall below the newly established salary threshold and work more than 40 hours per week. As a result, some salaried IT workers will be demoted to an hourly wage. Some will see their role diminished to a part-time position that does not provide benefits.

The Continued Interdependence of Marketing and IT Professionals

Look for marketing departments to work hand-in-hand with IT professionals who can lend valuable insight. The perspectives of IT personnel are gradually becoming more coveted by marketing managers and executives in an attempt to perfect the company’s message as well as its overarching advertising strategy. IT professionals provide especially helpful insight when it comes to inbound marketing methods. As we rapidly hurtle into the high-tech future, IT employees will become even more valued if they provide so-called “soft skills” like the ability to communicate in an effective manner and express their creative talents. Look for more positions to be created that require technical skills in combination with soft skills. As an example, there will likely be a significant rise in the number of digital information officer roles in organizations across the United States and other countries.

Big Data’s Maturity

Big data is reaching a tipping point as an analytical tool. Long regarded as a problem-causer, big data will alter the way in which IT workflows take shape. The likely ramifications of the growing importance of big data will be more employment opportunities for information technology specialists.

Gamification Enters the Corporate Realm

Mobile computing devices and wearables have altered the manner in which consumers have fun and obtain information. There is an increased focus on gamification that will gradually seep into the corporate realm. The result will be a heightened need for IT specialists to create, manage and problem-solve mobile technologies as well as gamification programs.

The Continued Rise of Baby Boomer Retirements

As more baby boomers retire, there will be an even stronger demographic effect on IT workforce management. Generation X employees will ascend to management and executive level roles. Millennials will have a better chance to snag low to mid-tier management positions. Look for those in charge of IT workforce management to invest in knowledge transfer programs as well as employee retention efforts to stem the tide.

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