Top Strategy Games That You Should Play At Least Once

Top Strategy Games That You Should Play At Least Once

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While most of us have been reprimanded for our alleged “addiction” to video games while growing up, it seems that our liking for the super engaging video games was not so bad after all. Various researches conducted over the years have proven that playing strategy games is actually very beneficial for our brain. Yes, you read it right!

We can promote and help the development of the rain by doing various mental exercises and playing strategy games – is great way to help the brain become sharper and more agile. The cognitive flexibility of the brain can be improved by making conscious efforts. This means, we can improve our aptitude and decision making skills over a period of time. And all this can be done while playing some of the best strategy games available today.

Strategy games help the gamer in many ways. First of all, they make you think deeply before making your next move. Also, they challenge your decision making capabilities by creating situations that demand your instant judgment. So not only your strategies have to be sharp you are compelled to make foolproof plans to continue ahead in the games. Who knew, playing games could eventually help in developing life skills?!

So, if you want to know about some of the top strategy games that you should try at least once, keep reading.

Faster Than Light, more commonly known as FTL is a strategy game which requires you to be in-charge of a spacecraft. You need to be aware of your weapons, save the ship from rebels and pursue your target all at the same time. The game keeps you on your toes all throughout.

One of the highest rated games till date, Company of Heroes is also addictively engaging. The game has you commanding a force in different combat environments with varied weapons and ammunition. To lead the team to victory, the player has to formulate effective strategies. Owing to its huge popularity, recently Company of Heroes 2 was also launched.

If you like to play against a real time opponent, League of Legends can be the ultimate game for you. The game is played between two teams, each with its own hero and requires strategy, timed decisions and teamwork to play it. The game is designed to throw in real shockers at some point or the other and the teams have to think on their feet to make the right moves.

If you like to play space games that challenges the strategist in you, XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be the right game for you. The game has you fighting aliens which have superior intelligence, so you know the battle isn’t going to be easy. You will be the squad commander of humans with weapons and armor that are required to send back the destructive aliens back into the space. You have to be very conscious and ensure that you do not make any move that kills your squad member.

So, do not wait anymore and try out some of the games to get the adrenaline going.