Top 5 Cars Men Want To See Their Lady Driving

Top 5 Cars Men Want To See Their Lady Driving

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For the most part, people are materialistic and a bit shallow. Though it might be a bit uncomfortable to ponder this fact, it is the truth. When a man sees a woman driving her vehicle, he casts some judgment on her merit as a potential partner. The make, model and style of a woman’s vehicle really does make a difference in a man’s mind. If you pick out just the right car, you will increase the odds of scoring a potential mate. Without further adieu, here are the top five cars men want to see women driving.

Lady Driving

The BMW 2-Series Sports Coupe

This stunning sports car will lure in the guys. In general, all BMW sports cars attract men. According to, nearly 40 percent of men believe that attractive women own sports cars. also reports that 16 percent of men say that good-looking women own or lease a BMW. Pick out an eye-catching color like Melbourne Red and the men will be putty in your hands. A whopping 40 percent of men state that sexy women drive red cars.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser

If you are an adventurous woman, you can let it be known with your choice of vehicle. Lease or buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser and you will have the perfect vehicle for camping, fishing, hiking or whitewater rafting. This large off-road vehicle will certainly attract adventure-loving men. After all, most men enjoy outdoor activities and adventures. Don’t worry about looking too butch when behind the wheel of a FJ Cruiser. This is a spunky SUV with color combinations that appeal to both genders. It might portray you as a bit of a “tomboy” but this is exactly what plenty of contemporary men are looking for: Adventurous women who aren’t afraid to take on an outdoor challenge.

Mercedes-Benz SL

Women who would like to portray themselves as classy and distinguished should consider vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz SL. This guy-magnet will lure in men who enjoy the finer things in life. In a nutshell, one must be classy to attract class. The Mercedes-Benz SL will certainly help in this quest. Sure, the Mercedes-Benz SL costs a pretty penny yet it has the potential to help you land the man of your dreams.

The Toyota Prius

If you are looking to settle down with a man, the Toyota Prius just might help. The Prius gives off a mature vibe that attracts similar minded men. As a hybrid, the Prius is quite attractive. Plenty of men are becoming environmentally conscious. The idea of dating a woman who drives a hybrid is growing in appeal as time progresses. This fuel efficient vehicle portrays you as a financially-responsible woman who is ready to settle down. It is perfect for cost-conscious women. If you desire to lower your automotive costs even more, enroll in an online traffic school class.

The BMW Z Series

BMW Z sports cars are as sexy as it gets. This is the perfect vehicle for women who are looking for a fling as opposed to a soul mate. It is curvaceous, fast and plenty of fun to drive. Guys will be begging to ride shotgun in this amazing roadster. Snag a BMW Z4 and you will enjoy a vehicle with perfect handling and the ability to go topless. That’s not to say you should go topless to attract the guys. Rather, the BMW Z4 roadster’s top can drop, morphing the vehicle into a sassy convertible. A word to the wise: Be mindful of your right foot when you are behind the wheel of a BMW Z4. This vehicle has incredible acceleration that could catch the attention of the authorities and land you in California traffic school.

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