The Significance of Color In Retail Signage

The Significance of Color In Retail Signage

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It is quite shocking that the color scheme that you use to decorate your store could have a huge impact on your sales. The same goes for the color chosen for your signage or even the logo and website. This normally influences whether or not clients are attracted to buy from you. The science of color and the manner in which human beings interact with and respond to our surroundings in relation to color is a phenomenon that has been meticulously tested and studied for hundredsof years now. It is now time to use such knowledge to your advantage including the design of retail signage. Seeking help of sign shops helps you design a signage that will lure people to visit your store but here are ways in which the use of color in signage influences consumer purchase decisions.

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Why color matters

If you are still wondering how the choice of color in retail sign design influences your sales, there are a few things to look at. When a potential client enters your store, they will sub-consciously make a judgment about the retail surroundings and product within a little more than a minute, on initial viewing. Roughly 62 to 90 percent of the first impression is based on color, as studies have indicated.

Furthermore, 52 percent of shoppers do not return if they were not impressed by the aesthetics. Additionally, visual appearance influences purchasing decisions by about 93 percent and 85 percent of consumers suggest that color is the primary reason for them buying the product.

Signage is a key area in which color plays a major role. For instance, color plays an important role in the number of times ads are read. This boosts comprehension, reading and learning by substantial margins also.

So, if you are looking to put up a “we’re closed or open” sign or “sale” sign or “hours of operations” sign, ensure that they have some vivid color if you want to draw the attention of customers to your store.

The impact of color

It is quite hard to believe that color could actually impact people’s spending habits to such a degree, but the truth is, it is a crucial element that affects us both subconsciously and consciously.

For example, consider “sale” signs; these are usually red in color. Studies show that people tend to react faster and more forcefully when they see signs in color red. The primary reason behind this is that red heightens physical reactions. Our bodies are programmed to see the color red as a cue for danger. Therefore, several retailers have used this to their advantage by making the sale and clearance signs red. This attracts a customer’s attention and results in them buying the product.

How consumers relate to color

The next thing to do is to see what color will work for you. You will have to examine your brand’s target market. You may be targeting teenagers, children, young adults or seniors. Your color choice will vary based on your customer behavioral and demographic data.

In other words, your color choice will dictate the kind of shoppers you attract. You can get all the signs you need in a variety of colors from sign shops. Sign designers know how to work with colors and will ensure the signage you design for your retail store are attention grabbing.