Some Parts of Your Car that Need You To Lube Them

Some Parts of Your Car that Need You To Lube Them

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More often than not, car owners have had the unfortunate and frustrating experience of trying to unlatch a fuel cap door, pop the hood or simply try to unlock the door with a key only to be met by solid resistance. This mostly happens due to rusted or seized tools that work to create those mechanisms. Your local car service person might not always check, service and lubricate everything, therefore; you can take time out every few months to lube it. Here are some parts of your vehicle that need occasional lubrication that will help your vehicle from seizing or jamming.

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Deck-lid and lock cylinders

One of the most underused and under maintained parts of a vehicle are the deck-lid, lock cylinders and doors all thanks to remote systems. Car owners no longer use their keys until the car battery or something else fails and then they realize the value of lubricating lock cylinders. You should treat your locks to occasional lubing at least every three months.

Hood, lift gate, door, hinges and latches

You can use lubricants such as spray lithium since these parts can withstand a slightly heavier lubricant than lock cylinder, but you should not overdo it. A little shot of the spray at least every three months is enough to keep these parts at a proper functioning condition. After you have sprayed the little amount, you should use a cloth to wipe any excess fluids. Keep in mind the exposed hinges so as to avoid staining your clothes as you get in and out of your vehicle. When lubricating door latches, you should avoid using petroleum-based lubes because contact with oil can potentially damage the latches since most contain plastic and resin parts.

Rubber and plastic parts

These parts tend to have a set of their own problems mostly caused by weather conditions. During cold weather, the rubber door seals are likely to freeze shut your vehicle’s doors since they are porous and can get water in them, which will freeze to the doorframe of the vehicle. You can lube it before all this happens by using silicone lubricating compound, which unlike most lubricants won’t stain the interior fabrics of your vehicle. This prevents weather cracking and you can do it monthly during colder weather conditions.

Manually operated windows

To avoid your window from jamming or freezing shut, you can make it operate with ease by applying a shot of silicon lube into the channel that the glass runs. This will save you a lot of drive-through embarrassment.

If you own a vehicle, it is important to take maintenance as a top priority as you do not want to come across any inconveniences when you need your vehicle to be in top-notch shape. If your vehicle experiences all types of weather conditions, taking a some minutes every once in a few months to lube it won’t cost you much.

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