Should an Average iPhone User Be Concerned About Advancement in Spying Tech?

Should an Average iPhone User Be Concerned About Advancement in Spying Tech?

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Advancement in spying technology, especially iOS spy apps, has raised a lot of questions regarding the safety and privacy of iPhone. Users of Apple’s smartphone offering are anxious to know the truth as it is their confidential data and quite possibly safety that is at stake. If the advancement in spying tech and growing popularity of iPhone spy apps wasn’t worrisome enough, the sense of security offered by Apple’s walled-garden mobile OS has been diminishing rather rapidly in recent years, primary due to the tech giant’s inability to release bug-free firmware updates. Even the most loyal of users are beginning to get a bit fidgety as the vulnerability of iOS is consistently making headlines every few weeks, if not days.

If you are an iPhone user, you might be wondering if the picture painted above is just an exaggeration of facts, or if you really are at the mercy of hackers and snoops, with Apple incapable of shielding you from the threat. Well, if you’re seeking some sort of reassurance, you will receive it, but not before you’ve been made familiar to the gravity of the situation.

No More Beating About the Bush

Apple has long been advertising iPhone as one of the securest electronic devices in the market, a claim that worked for the company for many years. It does have several layers of protection integrated into its firmware and enjoy a fair bit of defense against many of the threats that other smartphones are vulnerable to. A lot of it has to do with untampered iOS closing the door to all third-party apps that hasn’t passed through Apple’s scrutiny. This may have been reassuring in the past, but recent advancements in spying tech has found a way to bypass this line of defense and scoop up private data of iPhone users. It almost looks as if the brains behind spying tech are enjoying playing tag with Apple, penetrating every defensive protocol, new and old, that the tech giant comes up with.

The True Face of the Threat

To say that spying tech has undergone rapid advancement in recent years, and stopping right there only reveals half the truth. The other half is unfortunately even more grim as it details the potential of spy apps available today. You need to expose yourself to the unnerving truth for reasons that would be explained later. Here’s what modern-day spy apps are capable of:

  • They can log calls, contacts, SMS, MMS, iMessages, emails, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Kik, and Skype;
  • They can scoop up multimedia files;
  • They can track iPhone location with or without GPS;
  • They can even work on non-jailbroken iPhone;
  • They are extremely hard to detect.

Some of these features may seem like something straight out of a spy movie, but you unfortunately don’t enjoy luxury of dismissing them as nothing more than fiction. They are very much a reality, posing a very real threat, and you’re at the receiving end of it all.

There is Still Hope

You probably think by now that the situation is all doom and gloom, with you having absolutely no chance of enjoying a safe and secure iPhone experience. Your faith in Apple may also have completely fizzled out by now. But hey, you were promised a reassurance, and you will get it. As it so happens, despite the growing strength of spy apps, you can still enjoy a fair bit of privacy. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true. All you have to do is exercise a bit of vigilance and adhere to these basic security measures.

  • Do not leave your iPhone unattended
  • Lock your phone using a complex password
  • Install anti-spyware for additional protection
  • Install firmware updates without delay
  • Avoid jailbreaking your iPhone
  • Trust no one with your iPhone

You need to understand one very basic thing about spying tech – it is only a threat if you let your guard down. Fine, spy apps are gaining new and powerful abilities, but as long as you are careful about protecting your device from unauthorized access and avoid sharing your Apple ID and password with anyone, even the people you trust with your life, you can enjoy considerable amount of privacy and security even in this day and age.

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