Shortcut to Understanding Mobile and Web Apps

Shortcut to Understanding Mobile and Web Apps

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Whether you are starting a project using native or hybrid tools, be mindful of the pros and cons of each process. The information below can be used to speed p the decision making process for when developing a web app to comply with a short or long term objective.

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Should I create a web app or mobile first?

There is no right or wrong answer, much is dependent upon your specific goals for the task in hand, however, the counter question you may ask to decipher which approach to take is ‘Why do I need an app?” Other important questions to address before investing time and effort into a project are:

  • Who is the app for?
  • What will they use it for?
  • Where will they use it?
  • Why would they choose to use it (over your website or a competitor)?


What are the benefits of creating a web app?

Put simply, an appis easier to build and more straightforward to deploy. They can also have a wider user reach online owing to the fact that they are independent of the device and operating system. A web app is capable of being built responsively, therefore it operates on desktop devices in addition to mobile devices. There are negative implications too, those being that the user cannot access all of the device’s features although this is said to change in the near future. Another downside is that it must support many different browsers, which, depending on how complex the app is, could result in extended and ongoing development/maintenance costs.

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What are the benefits of creating a native web app?

So another option is to create a native app, which can be considerably faster and work better on an intermittent internet connection, whilst maintaining access to the device’s hardware, such as a camera or mp3. If you’re intending to place a fee for the application, then the various app stores will allow you to do this easily, such as iTunes and Google Play. Each web app in question will, however, need to be deployed on a separate device, requiring the need to submit the applications to each store manually. They’ll also need to be specifically coded properly for each operating system, which can add to the development costs.

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What are the benefits of creating a hybrid web app?

If a native web app isn’t practical, then a third option that you might wish to consider is to create a hybrid app. This type of software is made using a hybrid framework, such as Ionic, and can be best described as a web app that functions within a native app ‘container’. The software code used can be arranged on multiple hardware devices as native apps without ever needing to be re-written one completed.

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