Screen Protectors Are Life Savers!

Screen Protectors Are Life Savers!

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Are Expensive Screen Protectors Worth It

In a world where smartphones and technology have become a social status symbol, I remained one of the outsiders. I still clung to my iPhone 5. I was not the type of person who ‘needed’ the latest and greatest phone. I was content. I was happy, even. Until, at a concert for one of my favorite bands of the last 15 years, I shattered the screen. I was screaming the lyrics and having a great time recording the band play on my iPhone. I was blissfully unaware of the drunken slob that would soon send my world crashing down. The man plowed into me, sending me, my phone and my sense of security flying. While he was a slob, he was also kind enough to offer to buy me a new phone. Three days later, I met him at the mall where he presented me with a shiny, new iPhone 6. Yet, that wasn’t the end of it. I was going to take precautions this time.

It Could Happen To Anyone

I had my iPhone 5 since November, 2012. After 3 years and 7 months together, we had a bond. The screen wasn’t the only thing that broke that day. My spirit was also shattered. One thing I learned from this experience is that no matter how well you take care of your phone, it is a small fragile object subjected to the outside world. This includes drunken guys at concerts. I did everything I possibly could to keep it safe from harm, but fate had other plans. This could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You may be walking carefully down the stairs while checking a text and the person behind you could trip and take you both down. There is no way to know for sure when or if it will happen to you. Fortunately, there is a way to protect your phone’s screen. And with my shiny new iPhone 6 in hand, carefully, I searched the internet for a screen protector.

What I Found

There are hundreds of different screen protectors for iPhones on the market today. Fortunately, I’ve gathered the only one you need to worry about. This site offers an iPhone 6 screen protector for a very reasonable price and has fantastic reviews, from over 300 customers. I ordered mine last week, and it took about 4 days to arrive (not counting the weekend). I received free shipping since my order total was high enough to qualify, which is a nice added bonus. The screen protector is a piece of cake to put on and only took me about 60 seconds. It’s made to absorb impact (yay!) and protect the screen underneath. Since its glass, it fits better and has a better feel to it than cheaper plastic ones. It includes a bundle of things I didn’t even realize came in the package, like:

Cleaning cloth
Alcohol wipe

Plus, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Absolutely none of the cheaper, plastic screen protectors I researched openly offered a money back guarantee. The glass protector also fits so perfectly. I was easily able to get a hard case over the phone as well with no issues.

My next concert is actually this Sunday, and I feel super prepared with this protector on my phone. Bring it on, drunken slobs. Oh, and before you order your own protector (because I know you will), be sure to check out their advantage program for extra discount offers, lifetime replacements for wear and tear and exclusive offers on products.