Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with LIMS

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with LIMS

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The pharmaceutical research and development labs come across several challenges daily such as:

  • Quality assurance – The labs need to ensure that the best quality products get delivered to the customers and chancesof mitigating risk get avoided.
  • Operational efficiency- Improvisingthe techniques to reduce costs constantly.
  • Management and delegation of resources- To optimize investments related to instrumentation and personnel plus toincreases the workflow over theorderingof samples and tasks
  • Increased testing- It includes stability testing, environmental monitoring, content uniformity, dissolutions testing for small components.

In order to come across a solution to these problems, Laboratory Information System or LIMS system were introduced within pharmaceutical laboratories. The LIMS in the market have been created in a way that they can support the diversity of the challenges and regulations dealt by laboratories of different field. The system implemented within the labs provides you solutions that satisfy the quality standards and also streamline the laboratory data as well as operations, remaining within the feasible budget.

The pharmaceutical market on a global level is quite a high range and that is always an ever changing one, rather an increasing one. So it is very important to maintain the expenses done over the pharmaceutical manufacturing within the labs worldwide. This problem is very much sorted with the use of a good commercial Laboratory Information System or LIMS system.

Another important aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing is the stability testing. It is very necessary to be implemented over the drugs; no matter how big or small is the company. Following the set standards and protocols ensures the safety of the consumers out there in the market.

The laboratory must also make sure that the system should be able to interface with other enterprise system such as Manufacturing Resource Planning Systems (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and so on.This helps the laboratory to add value to the manufacturing process.

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