iPiccy Cover Photos Maker Online. Abilities For Creative Work

iPiccy Cover Photos Maker Online. Abilities For Creative Work

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Creating Gorgeous Images With iPiccy Cover Photo Maker Online

This service uses numerous tools that allow creating gorgeous images right in your browser. It lets you make high quality photos without installation routine work. Users highly appreciate this ability because they do not have to waste time installing extra programs. They enjoy fast uploading files for editing them online. In this article we will look through some options that iPiccy kindly provides.

iPiccy is a brand new cover photos maker online. It will surely be of help if you need to edit your photos a bit.

Abilities For Creative Work1

Lomo Effect For Surreal Landscapes

Lomo effects refer to surrealistic digital photography. Such photos include high contrasts, dark vignettes, soft focus and an oversaturated colors map. Lomographics aims at creating simple but non-trivial scenes similar to those made with a Russian camera LOMO LC-A.

To understand how lomo effects work, look at the picture below. It does not have any editing.

After applying the lomo effect, the photo changed its style. Dark edges appeared and oval circuit highlights central details of a picture.

This effect is hard to achieve with Photoshop and other complicated graphics editors. In contrast, iPiccy gives user-friendly tools for implementing lomo effects. They are convenient and easy in use.

The Blender Option In Creative Graphic Designs

Graphic design is an advanced ability within this photo editor. It is represented in a Blender option. However, one must have basic knowledge of graphic design in order to use offered resources completely.

As iPiccy graphic designing tools are really sophisticated, one can create trully professional images. Go to http://ipiccy.com/feature/free-graphic-design-software, add pretty doodle stickers, use multiple layouts, create vector masks, write significant messages on photos. With iPiccy graphics any idea finds its way of embodiment.

Exciting Collages In Cover Making

Get your ideas visible via collage making. This option involves many interesting templates with amazing photoeffects. You can choose your collage background color or leave it transparent,  create a jigsaw-like conllage or opt for advaniced photo layouts, set a level of roundness for spacing between pictures, shuffle images, etc.

Today, social networks users tend to publish covers in a collage manner more often than ever. The information era sets its parameters in everything. Image building does not make an exception. Multi-tasking and multi-vendor approach plays a crucial role for development of well-percepted covers.

Abilities For Creative Work

Some Other Cool Option Buttons

iPiccy editing service has got a whole set of cool additional options. If you are interested what they are, get aware of the following ones.

  • Webcam Grant iPiccy program access to you web camera and get photos from it. Just take an imediate photo and edit it.
  • Web Image Get pictures from your browser. Simply paste its URL in a search line. Then click “Open Image” button. Congratulations! Your graphics transformation is about to start.
  • New PaintingDevelop your own painting into a unique cover. There are many tools meeting this purpose.
  1. Firstly, choose canvas color or leave it transparent. Set the size of a Facebook cover.
  1. Secondly, use various tools like brushes, erasers, sponges.
  1. Thirdly, fix your drawing with iPiccy, apply some photo effects (sepia, black & white photo), invert colors, blend initial painting with something else, frame it.

Whatever you do within iPiccy, developers ensure great results. Final works turn out extraordinary, impressive, attractive, creative, bright. Covers made with iPiccy online make your social image look unique.

Create creative covers with iPiccy Cover Maker online. It is easy, interesting, inspiring and joyful. Many cool options and tools are available.