Investing in The Right Degree Could Make All the Difference

Investing in The Right Degree Could Make All the Difference

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A political science degree is a pathway toward a variety of career options as diverse as law, government, public relations and business. Since politics can affect almost every aspect of our lives from where we educate our children, how we do business or receive healthcare, a political science degree is remarkably versatile and is a springboard for exciting opportunities for careers or graduate work. On the undergraduate and graduate level, political science degrees help develop skills that are relevant for a large number of careers and can make you an attractive candidate in the workplace.

What is Political Science

Whether you are pursuing a bachelors or graduate degree, political science deals with complex questions every society faces such as peace and war, economic issues, social problems and the role of government in dealing with these matters. Those who graduate with a degree in political science tend to have advanced critical thinking skills and a sophisticated approach to the problems. In addition, those who earn these degrees gain knowledge of the law, regulations, and court procedures, history, mediation and negotiation skills. These abilities are desirable in numerous settings from Capitol Hill to the law courts to academia.

A Preparation for Law School

Many people see a political science degree as a sound preparation for law school because of the critical thinking and the knowledge of the law and legal procedures developed in the undergraduate course. Even if you don’t decide to become a full-fledged lawyer, a political science degree can be a preparation for becoming a legal assistant.

Government or Political Work

An undergraduate degree in political science can be the first step towards a career in politics and government. With GW’s political management degree, you could earn a position as a campaign manager for a politician. A manager analyzes data in a way that will help him or her formulate a campaign strategy that includes public relations and fundraising. An online masters in political science would also be a sound preparation for future as a lobbyist and can give you the skills to influence legislators and help shape policy.


Since government legislation overlaps with business considerations, a political science degree can be useful for companies. Knowledge of polling can be translated into market research skills which are essential for finding out what the potential customer wants and what products are most useful to consumers. Having a nuanced understanding of the political issues of the day is a valuable skill in developing an effective PR strategy for businesses.

You may also play the role of a consultant to companies who want to make sure that they comply with government regulations. Since marketing a product is similar to a political campaign in the sense that it involves influencing a large number of people, the ability to influence politically can translate well into marketing a brand.

Applying for Political Science Degree

If you are already planning on attending a college university, you have some time to decide before you declare a political science major. Take some classes in political science and see if it that area of concentration is right for you. If you are applying for a masters degree in political science, you do not need to have an undergraduate degree in the same subject, but you should have some understanding of history and government. Browse the Internet for various programs in political science and decide which is the most effective in helping you achieve your professional goals.

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