Internet Search Engine Marketing – Compensated Search Reference

Internet Search Engine Marketing – Compensated Search Reference

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Within the internet search engine marketing industry, we’re always bombarded with a lot of industry jargon, for example CPC, query, destination URL, etc. In the following paragraphs, allow me to cover some standard industry jargon to be able to bookmark this short article for reference.

General Account Terms:

  • Search query. This is actually the word or phrases that user types right into a internet search engine. For instance, after i look for “catering services in Singapore” on the internet, catering services in Singapore may be the search query.
  • Ad Group. A group of related keywords.
  • Campaign. A group of ad groups.
  • Keyword. A phrase which advertisers bid to trigger their compensated search ads to become proven to relevant searchers on search engines like google. A keyword might not necessary be considered a single word and will include phrases with lots of words.
  • Ad copy. Ad copy refers back to the compensated search ads. You will find 4 line text elements which users can click and automatically get to an internet site.
  • Display URL. The net address that’s shown on the ad copy.
  • Destination URL. This is actually the page that user is going to be redirected to upon clicking an advertisement.
  • Maximum bid. This is actually the maximum cost a marketer would like to cover a click an advertisement.
  • A/B Split Testing. A testing that’s done on 2 ad copies to recognize the ad that generates a greater Click-through-Rate (CTR).

Compensated Search Metrics:

  • Impression. An advertisement contact with searchers.
  • Click. Whenever a searcher clicks an advertisement and it is redirected to some website.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC). The price of each click. CPC comes by dividing costs by clicks. (For instance, $100 for 50 clicks = a CPC of $2)
  • Key performance indicators (KPI). Top level metrics which are based on a marketer that reflect the performance from the campaign.
  • Click-through-Rate (CTR). Clicks divided by impressions. (100 clicks from 1000 impressions provide you with a CTR of 10%)
  • Average Position. The mixture position where your ads were placed. (if 100 ads were in place 1 and 100 ads were in place 2, the typical position is 1.5)
  • Quality Score (QS). A grade from the relevance of every keyword/ad/website landing page combination which determines your cost-per-click and ad position. Quality Score is really a Google term and it is now getting used being an industry standard term. The greater your Quality Score, the lesser your cost-per-click and also the greater your ad position.
  • Formula. Formula is some mathematical rules that search engines like google use to find out whether your ad should run. Search engines like google also employ this rules to find out your ad position and price.

Revenue Terms:

  • Conversion. Any pursuit taken with a user. A conversion could be a purchase, a prospecting, a download, a relevant video view, an application completion, etc.
  • Rate Of Conversion. Conversions divided by clicks. (10 conversions from 100 clicks is really a 10% rate of conversion)
  • Roi (Return on investment). The quantity of revenue you are making minus just how much spent on advertising. (in case your compensated search campaign generated $10,000 in revenue having a total advertising spending of $1,000, your Return on investment is $9,000)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Return on investment expressed like a ratio. ($10,000 sales from $1,000 ad spending provides you with a ROAS of 10:1, or 10)
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA). The price it requires to get a conversion. It’s also a prices model where a marketer is billed only if a conversion is generated through the marketing campaign. The cost of CPA is generally decided before advertising begins.

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