Identity Theft Protection among College Students

Identity Theft Protection among College Students

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College students use internet a lot for various purposes and this is where the opportunity lies for the identity thief to cash in big time and therefore you need to know how to prevent identity theft while in college. While it is impossible to think of life without internet these days but a smart and intelligent way of posting information on the web world can save you from a lot of trouble. The thing is as simple as this. With more and more social networking platforms making their presence felt in the internet people are more tempted to share their personal information but the truth is that the more you share the more vulnerable you become for sure. Here below are seven tips that one can follow to safeguard against identity theft online.

  1. Avoid displaying your full (entire) name in an online profile.
  2. Do not display your place of living.
  3. Only shop through reputed and trusted online merchants.
  4. Be very careful while responding to E-mails in the Spam folder.
  5. Never go for e-mail surveys asking for a lot of information.
  6. Before exiting from a site make sure that you have logged out.
  7. Avoid posting your picture along with personal information.

While some of the above things could be hard to stay away from and actually put into effect in practice but it is for your benefit and well-being that they should be followed.

Here are some more tips in detail to help you protect against identity theft.

  1. Shred the old records well that you no longer require as these can be priceless source of information for the identity thief.
  2. In all modern computers and laptops there is provision for setting profile password. This can give you good amount of security. So it is always desirable that you set a good strong password for your computer or laptop.
  3. Don’t let your excitement make you fall in trouble by announcing the owning of a new credit card to any friend or a group of friends, roommates, co-workers. Never provide your friend or anyone with ATM Pins or the security code. Also do avoid keeping samples of your signatures lying around. And keep in mind that if you possess a box of checks you also rightly remember how many should still be there.
  4. If for some reason you have shared your password with your roommate or any other friend, do change it as soon as possible. Don’t keep the same passwords for too long and always go for strong and unique passwords. Set passwords that are difficult to guess.
  5. Try and limit sharing the details about your home and family.
  6. One of the biggest kinds of identity theft nowadays is the one related to job applications and job interviews. So be absolutely careful with fraudulent job applications and interviews as with these a lot of personal information about you is leaked which is not at all desirable.
  7. Never do online banking transactions on your laptop or mobile in front of your roommate. Neither jot down passwords when they are nearby.