How to Select the Best LED TV

How to Select the Best LED TV

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If you go to an electronic shop or search online for buying television, you will be total confused. The array of televisions include LCD, LED, 4K television, HDR, OLED and all. It has become quite difficult to choose the perfect one from that huge collection. Actually, when you go to buy a TV, you concentrate mainly on two things- size and price. As the modern televisions are technologically advanced, you have to pay the LED TV price according to the brand. But, there is something more you need to know. Before buying a new TV, follow these tips-


Display Types

If you’ve decided to buy LED TV, you don’t need to try any others. But, if you don’t have particular idea what to buy, then these are the popular television displays you can check out-

  • Plasma TV– High-quality cinematic view, wide angle, excellent color quality.
  • LCD– Liquid crystal displays with energy efficiency and great color.
  • LED– Liquid crystal displays with energy efficiency. That’s why; the LED TV price is more than LCD and plasma.
  • OLED– Uses LED lights to create image and therefore saves on power. This is also expensive television.

Screen Size

You are thinking of buying a big TV. But, you’re not sure how big you want. Know the screen size before buying. If you want a large screen television for your living room, go for 55-65 inches. While choosing the screen size, you should check the distance between your sitting arrangement and the television.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution means the sharpness of the picture. To be clearer, it means the horizontal lines of pixels. For example, if a HD set support 700p that means, it displays 720 lines. Usually, the full HDTV of present days support 1080p, that means, those support 1080 lines of resolution.

Color Depth and Color Reproduction

Usually, the TV manufacturers keep the level of the color depth in a way that doesn’t disturb the users. Still, if you want more clarification, go for the depth of “8 bits per channel. This means, the TV is capable of producing that much color which doesn’t disturb the viewers’ eyes and also produce photo-realistic images.

Refresh Rate

Refreshed rate defines how many times the picture is refreshed on the screen. The rate is expressed in Hertz (Hz). The standard refresh rate is 60 Hz or 60 times per second. The faster the rate is the better. Remember; don’t buy a television which has refreshed rate less than 120 Hz.

Aspect Ratio

This defines the ratio of the width and the length of the television. It is important while you decide what to watch mostly. If you are a movie freak, buy a television with wider aspect ratio. The best aspect ratio of the television is 16:9.

Now, you have got basic tips on buying LED TV. If you have plans to buy it online, Tatacliq offers suitable range of price and a variety of models to you. Check those out.

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