Four Not To Do Things For Social Media

Four Not To Do Things For Social Media

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Social media is a big hub for promotion and getting leads. Many businesses prefer digital marketing agencies to operate their brand’s social media. Agencies know what exactly to implement, where to implement and when to implement. According to type of niche, they can efficiently deliver to expectations.

On the other hand some brands prefer to operate it on their own. While doing on their own, they may make many mistakes which can jeopardise their whole campaign and efforts.

To be social media friendly first, a social friendly site is must. Social Media friendly website has social share icons for sharing website’s content on social media, social comment box for posting comments using social media profile and a follow widget.

After making your website social friendly, it is time to chalk out mistakes you have been doing throughout social media operations.

Using too many hashtags:

Hashtags are very beneficial when it comes to exposure and holding conversations on a topic. With use of right hashtags, content can reach to desired readers and can be explained without going into detail.

Unfortunately hashtags are being misused to spam posts. Using lots of hashtags, irrelevantly using hashtags which are trending which are not related to post is considered as misuse of hashtags.

It does not look ethical and can create bad image for your brand.

Lack of quality content:

Quality content is always appreciated. A quality content is more likely to engage visitors and promote interactions on your website and social media page. Take one important paragraph from the content and use it as description while sharing io on social media.

Visitors will definitely click to read and share.

No content strategy:

Before posting on social media it is a good practice to chart out important posts and other less important posts and strategically plan their posting time. Today every social media has analytics tool for page, which can help in determining right time and audience to post accordingly.

With no content strategy you may miss the opportunity to get new followers.

Buying Fake Followers:

Fake Followers are zombie/bot followers. If you buy fake followers, you will get no return over investment. It is better to get one true potential follower who might turn into lifelong client or fan.

Correcting these not to do mistakes can prevent social media disasters and will help your brand to stand out.


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