Circular cold saws, the most commonly used metal cutting equipment

Circular cold saws, the most commonly used metal cutting equipment

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Nowadays you can easily findwide range of metal cutting saws in the market, but the circular saws are the most commonly used. As the name suggest, this saw consists of a circular blade which is used to tear down metal sheets. The reason behind its name is because cold saw doesn’t generate heat while cutting metal. The blades used in these saws have coatings that bring down the heat generated during the metal cutting process.

To power the blade, the saw consists of high torque motor which helps the blade in cutting even the thick metal. Another thing that makes this machine the best is the re-usability of its blades which means that in case the blades worn out, you can easily re-sharpen them until they are completely out of shape. Generally there are two types of a blade that are used in these saws, first one is the TCT (Tungsten carbide tipped) and second is HHS (High Speed Steal).

Well the TCT blades are generally used for cutting down thin metal sheets because they have tungsten carbide tipped blades which easily cut through the metal sheets. Whereas HHS are generally used for thick metal sheets because of their non-ferrous metal blades which produce less heat making the cutting process easy and less time consuming.

Another reason these cold saws are highly preferred because they produce almost zero metal dust and emit very less spark which makes it easier for metal fabricators to cut through. Beside this, changing blades is also very easy in Scotchman Cold Saws you can easily switch to different blades to cut different metals. Moreover things like number of teeth, feeding rate, motor horsepower, cutting speed, electricity consumption and the most important thing price, should always be kept in mind before purchasing this equipment

Beside this, it is essential that you must maintain them in proper manner, lubricate their blades, gears, check the wires etc. from time to time so that you can get use them for long time without any issue.