Choosing SiteLock to protect your website

Choosing SiteLock to protect your website

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It is not just major corporations that are attacked by malicious hackers. Symantec/NCSA research from 2011–the most recent year available—states that cyber attacks cost small and medium-sized businesses an average of $188,242, and almost two-thirds of companies who have been victimized are forced to close shop within six months of the attack.

There are ways to protect your website. The best defense against malicious cyber attacks is making it hard to impossible for hackers to gain access. In a 2011 Verizon study of data breaches, more than 80 percent of victims were targets of opportunity—meaning they didn’t have passwords on their Wi-Fi systems and had little to any security at all. The trick is to make your website difficult to attack, and they likely won’t even bother.

Hiring SiteLock to handle all of your website security issues means you are protected by the global leader in Website Security and even if you’re a small business website, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience they have garnered over the years through their 8 million protected internet sites.

SiteLock is one of the largest website security companies worldwide. While researching website security firms you may find rumors of the SiteLock Scam, but their partnerships with such respected companies as GoDaddy,  HostGator and Network Solutions and a huge roster of satisfied and protected clients speaks for itself.

SiteLock keeps it stress-free

When you hand over the keys to your website to SiteLock, you can rest assured protection starts immediately and is 24/7.  The services SiteLock provides will lock-down your site from all would be hackers and boost consumer confidence, often increasing RIO by as much as 15%.

SiteLock is cloud-based, so you have access to your data at any time of night or day.  Since hackers never sleep, your website is scanned daily for possible breaches. SiteLock experts automatically remove any malware that slipped through. You are protected with web app firewalls along with 24/7 phone support and a simple multi-lingual dashboard where you can review reports and information on your website.

Choosing SiteLock for as your website security company is choosing easy setup and helpful onboarding with their expertly trained 24-hour client representatives. Best of all there is no installation and no downtime.

Reputation Management

Protecting the personal and financial data of your employees and clients is a moral and often legal obligation. Offering the Security of SiteLock will ensure your customers know that their credit information and identities are protected. SiteLock verifies your company information and installs their SiteLock Trust Seal on your site, demonstrating to clients and potential hackers that your website is protected by the best.

All shapes and sizes

With four levels of service, there is a plan for the smallest to the largest of websites. SiteLock offers comprehensive plans that all come with standard features including daily malware scanning, automatic malware removal, advanced website acceleration, the SiteLock Trust Seal, basic DDoS protection, multi-lingual dashboard and 24-hour support.

Website security is something you can’t afford to ignore. Your clients, your staff and your business demand it. Choosing the global leader with over 8 million success stories will give consumers the confidence they need to navigate to do business wth you in today’s online world.

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