A Guide to Spandex Fabric

A Guide to Spandex Fabric

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Spandex is a synthetic fiber that is light weight and is used for making stretchable outfit range such as the sportswear. Chemically this fabric is made of long polymer chains called polyurethane, which is a produced by the reaction of long-chain poly-glycol combined with a short di-isocyanate. After that the polymer is converted into a fiber with a dry spinning technique. Spandex generally comprises of at least 85% of polyurethane in its composition.

It is an elastomer, that is, the fabric can be stretched to some degree and when released it recoils. Spandex was first produced in early 1950sas a replacement for rubber. But these fibers are superior to rubber for the reason that they are lighter, stronger and much more versatile in nature. As a matter of fact, these fibers are stretchable up to 500% of their original length.

The major use of spandex fibers is for making fabrics. The reason of being so useful, widely are:

  • Firstly, they can be stretched repeatedly and still get back to almost the original size and shape.
  • Secondly, they are smooth, soft and above all lightweight.
  • They can be very easily dyed.
  • They are robust in nature, thus are resistant to scratches and ruinous impacts caused by perspiration, body oils and detergent washes.
  • They are friendly with other kinds of materials and therefore can be spun along with various other fibers to come up blended unique fibers containing the characteristics of both the parent fibers.

Spandex fiber is used for making different clothing types. As it is very light weight and doesn’t cause any restriction in movements, therefore it makes them ideal for the athletic wears. It includes garments like exercise wear, swim suits, yoga or bicycle pants and many more. It also comes into good use in under garments, waist bands, briefs and more because it has the form fitting properties in it.

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Even though the demand and market size for spandex is relatively small as compared to other fibers such as nylon or cotton, various new ways of using spandex.

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