5 Ways to Distinguish whether a BlackBerry is New or an Old Gadget

5 Ways to Distinguish whether a BlackBerry is New or an Old Gadget

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It is sometimes extremely hard to distinguish whether you are buying a new or a used smartphone, especially if it is the case of refurbished phones. Most frequently you will not complain if getting a new phone instead of a used one, however if the situation is opposite you might have some dissatisfaction and indignation. So to help you evaluate the device you are planning to buy we created these five simple tips that will help you buy the right device.

BlackBerry is New or an Old Gadget

  1. Check IMEI and PIN Numbers

According to the specialists, checking phone’s IMEI and PIN numbers is the most important step to make when purchasing any BlackBerry phone. IMEI number exists in all types of mobile phones but only if they have GSM standard, for CDMA the code will be different. You can either click here to check Blackberry 9900 and possibilities it offers or make your own search about the best Blackberry models. But regardless of your choice, the IMEI number is always written on the inside part of the phone, under the battery.

Experts share insiders information that to check IMEI on the phone you are holding you need to press * # 06 #, or press once PIN Options and select Status, or of course by pressing ALT + CapsLock + H.

  1. Check the age of use

Another point of your check is to find out how old the phone actually is. While the physical appearance of the phone may look perfect the real age of the phone can be much older, regardless of the model and make of the phone you choose. So here is a tip how to ‘ask’ the phone for some help.

To check the duration of use you need to press Menu and there select the Options menu, after that select the Status menu. In the screen that will appear you will see the type of BUYR.

BlackBerry is New or an Old Gadget

  1. Check the performance

If is essential to make a primarily check of the phone even if you buying it in the store from the official dealer, because bags and lags unfortunately still happen. Turn the phone on and try all the functions and things that interest you before you hand over the money to the seller.

  1. Check completeness of the sales package

As a rule, when buying a BlackBerry you will have to get a sales package which includes a data cable, charger, memory card, handsfree, manual book, CD driver, and some other additional equipment for certain models of BlackBerry, such as leather case. So if the claim of the phone’s neweness is correct, all these things must be present in the package and look like new.

  1. Warranty

And your final step is to check warranty. As a rule, you will see a difference in smartphone price if it comes with or without a warranty. So when purchasing a phone not from a store with the claim for being new, make sure to check the warranty status. It is obligatory for all new phones.


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